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Maximising Off-Season Potential: The Strength & Conditioning Project

Published: 09-07-2024 16:51

The Strength & Conditioning (S&C) project was designed for the U18, U17, U16, and U15 national teams to capitalize on the extended off-season period between the two main seasons. This period offers a unique opportunity to enhance the players' physical conditioning and technical skills. It included both physical (indoor and outdoor) and technical work, focusing on the development of each player. The project kicked off on June 12th with three days of fitness testing to profile the players, providing a foundation for the following training regimen.

Over the subsequent four weeks, the focus was on intensive training sessions to improve the players' overall fitness and address their specific technical needs. The training program was structured and comprehensive, ensuring every player received tailored guidance and support.

Key Figures of the S&C Project:

  • Coaches Involved: 16
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Total Training Sessions: 72 (18 per team)
  • Players Involved: 120

The primary objective of the S&C project is to boost the players' fitness levels through a series of structured training activities while also addressing their technical requirements. The collaboration of 16 dedicated coaches ensured that each of the 120 players received personalized attention and support, making the most of the 72 training sessions conducted.

This strategic use of the off-season period prepares the players physically and improves their technical skills, setting a strong foundation for the upcoming season. The S&C project exemplifies a balanced approach to athlete development, integrating physical conditioning with technical skill enhancement.