The WNT's Engagement with Outraged Sessions

Published: 19-09-2023 14:19
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In a remarkable display of commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Women's National Team of Malta recently participated in an enlightening session organized by the FSR Department within the Inhobb il-Futbol Foundation. This event, known as the "Outraged session," is part of a broader initiative by the UEFA to foster awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion within the football community. The Malta FA, a pioneer in this project, played a pivotal role in piloting and finalizing the rollout of educational sessions aimed at everyone involved in football, from players to coaches and fans. 

The Outraged sessions take their inspiration from the "Outraged" documentary, available on uefatv.com. This documentary sheds light on the crucial issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in the world of football. It serves as a powerful tool for sparking conversations and raising awareness about these topics. UEFA recognized the importance of addressing these issues head-on and initiated this project in collaboration with national football associations across Europe.

The Malta FA has been involved in the UEFA project from its inception, making it one of the three associations that actively contributed to piloting and finalizing the educational sessions. This early involvement underscores Malta's dedication to fostering a more inclusive and diverse football community.

The Outraged Session: A Learning Experience

The Outraged session attended by the WNT, led by Peter Busuttil, was a profound learning experience. It began with the screening of the "Outraged" documentary, which delved into the challenges and stories of individuals who have faced discrimination and prejudice within the football world. Following the screening, the players engaged in an informal discussion about awareness issues related to diversity and inclusion.

The Impact on Malta's Football Community

The Malta FA's FSR department has taken these Outraged sessions to various settings, including schools, local football clubs, and communities, as part of their football social responsibility outreach. This proactive approach has allowed the message of diversity and inclusion to reach a broad audience, extending beyond the professional football scene to the grassroots level.

These sessions are instrumental in educating players, coaches, and fans about the importance of embracing diversity and promoting inclusion within the sport. By fostering open discussions and creating a safe space to address these issues, the Malta FA is actively contributing to a more tolerant and accepting football community.