FSR Department's Eventful Weekend Promotes Inclusion and Diversity in Football

Published: 26-06-2023 09:31
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This past weekend was filled with exciting and meaningful events for the Football Social Responsibility (FSR) department. From engaging learning sessions to important roundtable discussions and a vibrant football festival, the weekend showcased the department's commitment to fostering a fair and inclusive football community. Furthermore, upcoming events such as the participation of the Tuesday Team MT in the UNITY EURO CUP and the closing convention of the PASS Refugee project emphasize the ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in football. Notably, the presence of Afghan refugee player Khalida Popal as a guest speaker adds to the significance of these initiatives.

Skills4Sports Learning Sessions

The weekend kicked off with the conclusion of the Skills4Sports learning sessions. These sessions provided valuable opportunities for participants to enhance their skills and knowledge in various aspects of the sport. Attendees were able to learn from experienced coaches and trainers, enabling them to develop their talents and contribute positively to football in Malta.

Roundtable Conference on Fairer Football

Following the Skills4Sports learning sessions, the department hosted a roundtable conference called Fairer. The conference aimed to address supporter issues within the football community and involved multiple stakeholders. The open dialogue allowed for meaningful discussions, helping identify areas of improvement and solutions to enhance fairness and inclusivity in football. The event served as a platform for collaboration and understanding among different football stakeholders.

PASS Football Festival

Continuing the eventful weekend, the Malta FA FSR department partnered with Xgħajra Tornados football club to organize the PASS Football Festival. This vibrant and energetic event showcased the passion for football among participants. Additionally, the festival served as a promotional platform for the upcoming UEFA U19 tournament, generating excitement and anticipation among football enthusiasts.

In line with their commitment to spreading the excitement of football, the FSR department organized similar promotional events at St. Georges FC, Kirkop FC, and Gharghur FC. These events aimed to engage local communities and raise awareness about the upcoming UEFA U19 tournament. By involving multiple football clubs, the department ensured a wide reach and active participation from various regions.

Participation in the UNITY EURO CUP and Closing Convention of the PASS Refugee Project

The enthusiasm for inclusion and diversity in football will extend beyond the weekend. On Tuesday, Team MT, a refugee team, will travel to Frankfurt to participate in the UNITY EURO CUP, a tournament organized by UEFA and UNHCR. This remarkable opportunity highlights the power of football in fostering unity and creating a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to showcase their skills and passion.

Furthermore, on Friday, the department will host the closing convention of the PASS Refugee project: Inclusion and Diversity in Football. The convention will feature Afghan refugee player Khalida Popal as a guest speaker. Popal's presence adds an inspirational and empowering element to the event, as she shares her experiences and insights into the power of football in promoting inclusion and diversity.