Malta drawn in Group C of the Euro 2024 qualifiers

Published: 09-10-2022 15:50

Malta will face Italy, England, Ukraine and North Macedonia in Group C of the qualifying campaign for Euro 2024.  The draws were held at the Festhalle in Frankfurt on Sunday October 9th.  53 UEFA member associations were drawn into ten groups, with seven groups containing five teams and three containing six teams.  The final stage of the championship will be held in Germany.

UEFA have issued the fixture schedules for all the 10 groups (group c fixtures can be found below) with the qualifying matches scheduled to take place in a home-and-away in a round-robin format on double matchdays in March, June, September, October and November 2023. 

Bjorn Vassallo, the Malta FA President who was present for the draw, said: “It’s a historic draw but a very difficult group, everyone knows that, but Malta will have the opportunity to host very interesting matches which will motivate more supporters to flock our stadium.  “It will also be an experience for the Maltese players to play at renown stadia.  “I believe that this group will see Malta build on its recent successes and grow.” Vassallo said.



The full fixtures list of Group C is as follows:

1 23/03/2023 Thursday 20:45 Italy England
1 23/03/2023 Thursday 20:45 North Macedonia Malta
2 26/03/2023 Sunday 18:00 England Ukraine
2 26/03/2023 Sunday 20:45 Malta Italy
3 16/06/2023 Friday 20:45 Malta England
3 16/06/2023 Friday 20:45 North Macedonia Ukraine
4 19/06/2023 Monday 20:45 England North Macedonia
4 19/06/2023 Monday 20:45 Ukraine Malta
5 09/09/2023 Saturday 18:00 Ukraine England
5 09/09/2023 Saturday 20:45 North Macedonia Italy
6 12/09/2023 Tuesday 20:45 Italy Ukraine
6 12/09/2023 Tuesday 20:45 Malta North Macedonia
7 14/10/2023 Saturday 15:00 Ukraine North Macedonia
7 14/10/2023 Saturday 20:45 Italy Malta
8 17/10/2023 Tuesday 20:45 England Italy
8 17/10/2023 Tuesday 20:45 Malta Ukraine
9 17/11/2023 Friday 20:45 England Malta
9 17/11/2023 Friday 20:45 Italy North Macedonia
10 20/11/2023 Monday 20:45 North Macedonia England
10 20/11/2023 Monday 20:45 Ukraine Italy

*the number on the left hand side represents the matchday