Team management software opens new horizons

Published: 17-12-2011 03:50
U17 - Friendlies

The Malta Football Association is committed towards improving all facets of the game in a manner which befits an organisation disposed to use modern means of communication through IT software. The latest initiative, which is the brainchild of the technical centre, is aimed at helping coaches collect, input and analyse data of players’ performances in training and tests through a web-based software (designed and developed by Web App Designer Stefan Debattista and Stefania Cristina) that could be easily accessed. This will be very useful in the process of management through IT and will be an important tool for the MFA Technical Centre.The association wants to create the ideal environment for the right personnel to be creative in technical management of teams and players, something which is bound to open new horizons in techniques of this nature.All this was dealt with by MFA president Norman Darmanin Demajo during a recent Press Conference held at the Technical Centre to launch the software. He stressed the idea of turning the Centre into a learning hub which provides the right environment for the most modern methods of players’ and team management. Darmanin Demajo said that the Centre’s Director, Robert Gatt, is doing sterling work in this respect.Gatt himself was thankful for the support extended by the MFA especially through the president and Bjorn Vassallo, the Chief Executive Officer. He said that whereas in the past data collected by the coaches was not made available for other coaches, this will henceforth change and all coaches will have access to the data.The software will be initially used by the MFA staff coaches but eventually it will be made available to clubs and nurseries coaches. This, Gatt said, will help in the harmonisation and streamlining of team data. Clubs will then be in a position to use the software in different analytical fields which extend also to scouting.In terms of Games Analysis software, Branko Nisevic, will analyse the adults games, Tony Garzia the academy teams, while Charles Sciberras will be responsible for goalkeepers.The MFA is leading the way with regard to such innovations. This will certainly help technical staff all over the country to make headway in coaching and management methods.