Published: 03-04-2014 18:00
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The Malta FA Refereeing Department organised a Talent & Mentor Seminar Weekend at the Pergola Hotel & Spa in Mellieħa on 28-30 March 2014 for a select group of promising match officials following an intensive two year programme.  The 5 referees Darryl Agius, Ismael Barbara, Elvio Degabriele, Alex Johnson and Emanuel Grech, and the 2 assistant referees David Castillo and Jurgen Spiteri, were accompanied by their mentors Gaetano De Gabriele, Alexander Spiteri and Philip Agius.  Director of Refereeing Adrian D. Casha was the main speaker at the seminar.  His presentations focused onTeamwork and Cooper at ionand Handball Considerations, while Referees’ Committee Chairman Charles Agius focused on Body Language.     FIFA Referees Clayton Pisani and Alan Mario Sant addressed participants on The Role of the FIFA Referee and Pre-Match Talk and Preparation, respectively.   Elite Match Officials Trustin Farrugia Cann, Jurgen Spiteri and David Castillo shared their recent Experience at CORE. An important aspect of the seminar on Saturday 29th March at the Sirens Stadium was the observation of the BOV Division 3 League matches Santa Lucia vs Swieqi United and Sirens vs Mġarr United officiated by the talents taking part in this programme. MFA Cameraman Mario Pisani provided DVDs of both matches for an in-depth analysis following small group discussions. Development Officer Victor Mintoff coordinated the seminar.