PR - National Futsal Teams

Published: 17-09-2015 12:10
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 With reference to the open letter published by the National Futsal Team today the Malta Football Association would like to express its disappointment on the way in which the National Futsal Team has handled this issue. Whilst understanding their concerns, which the MFA will address at the opportune moment, it is the sincere belief of the MFA that it would have been much more fruitful to all parties concerned had the matter been discussed with the officials of the Association prior to having an open letter being made public domain.   This should not be interpreted as an attempt to stifle the National Futsal Team’s freedom of speech. In fact this MFA administration has been lauded many times for the open approach to dialogue it has displayed in recent years. In this case such open dialogue would have been the best option for everyone concerned. It is the firm belief of the MFA that everyone would be in agreement that, from an ethical viewpoint, such concerns should have at least been notified to the MFA administration in order to have the issues raised in the open letter, be first tackled internally. From it’s creation locally, the MFA has assisted and supported the game of futsal. This has been shown in recent years with the start of a project whereby all Maltese futsal matters would be taken care of by a specialised association, which would organise the futsal leagues and also take charge of national team matters. This is why the Futsal Malta Association (FMA) was conceived. The MFA in fact has many a times praised the FMA for the progress that has been registered on the organisation of the domestic competitions, however, for many reasons, not attributable to anyone in particular, the same progress has not yet been achieved on the effective running of the National Team. Once again the MFA reiterates that it will address the concerns raised by the Futsal National Team in their open letter, with the utmost respect of all opinions, and above all eventually take decisions with all parties respecting the role which every single person is entrusted to carry out within the Association.