FIFPro’s survey of the working conditions of football players

Published: 30-11-2016 15:15
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The Malta Football Association (MFA) welcomes the initiative taken by FIFPro to carry out a survey on a number of pressing issues affecting football players around the world. The MFA has taken note of the reports on the FIFPro survey which appeared in the local media today, especially the parts referring to the problem of match-fixing and the delayed payment of wages to football players engaged with Maltese clubs. To this end, the MFA shall be analysing the findings of FIFPro’s global survey. In recognising the important role of players and their representatives - the Malta Football Players Association - the MFA Council recently granted the MFPA observer status. Norman Darmanin Demajo, the MFA president, said: “The Malta Football Association has always been at the forefront of the fight against match-fixing."“In addition to the efforts and educational campaigns undertaken by our Integrity Office, the MFA has been instrumental in the creation of the Anti-Corruption Task Force, through which it is spearheading a process that should lead to harsher deterrents."“The MFA reiterates its zero-tolerance stance on any form of corruption in sport as well as its total commitment to fighting this problem as it has always done.”The MFA reminds football players that, under the Association’s regulations, they are duty-bound to report any offer or approach to fix a game.To further encourage football players to come forward with information on match-fixing approaches as well as to protect them, the MFA has also introduced whistleblower protection measures which are proving to be a very effective tool in the fight against corruption in football.