Devis Mangia visits IAS-Design

Published: 02-03-2022 10:45
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Malta National Teams' Head Coach Devis Mangia, toghether with a delegation from the Malta FA, visited the IAS-Design offices to further discuss the plans of the Malta National Football Centre.  IAS-Designs are responsible for the architecture, interior design and project management and work hand in hand with the Malta FA's infrastructural Projects department. Plans were approved in January 2022 and the project will consist of the construction of facilities that will be the home of the National Football Teams, from the very early ages through the development pathway to the elite. Devis Mangia was already aware and had given his views on the plans prior to these being approved.  During this meeting he could visualise the plans clearly through 3-D renderings.At the end of the meeting, Mr Mangia presented Architech and Senior Project Manager Mark Borg and Architect and Site Manager Chesney Grima with a national team shirt carrying the IAS name.