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Social Responsibility

The Football Social Responsibility Department has been operating as part of the Association for a number of years. Its flagship initiative is the Football for Life programme, under which all FSR activities are held. During the past 2 years the FSR department has stepped up its inclusion activities and was the recipient of carious EU funding and UEFA programmes.

List of Key  Activities Malta Football Association 2017-2018 

Football Social Responsibility



October 2017                                                              Football for All

Workshop and event based on integration and inclusion in sports in collaboration with a number of agencies , NGOs and local associations working with refugees, migrants , and vulnerable people. Part of FARE campaign : Football People . Included the live transmission via IPTV of workshop event with the participation of HE The President of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca .


October/November 2017


Participation and partnership with the President’s Foundation for Well-Being raising awareness on gender based violence issues . 


December 2017 


Participation in the Malta Community Chest Fund as part of our Football Social Responsibility programme .


January 2018 


Began preparatory work on Include Me and I will Understand project with information sessions and reaching out to stakeholders and individuals as potential beneficiaries of the project and funding. 


Meetings and circulars to local football clubs to inform them on the details of the project as potential participants and partners ; also as means of information and inspiration to the creation of local individual projects as best practice . 





February  2018 – May 2018 


  • Partnership with LEAP government agency to identify localities and individuals who could benefit from the project .
  • Meetings with all NGOs working with refugees in Malta .
  • Documentation of meetings 
  • Match Day Events started on a regular basis : we have held over 5 of these so far .
  • One day Football Festival including sessions based on (a) Football Skills (b) physical training (c) conflict resolution (d) football ethics . This was a whole day activity with approximately 60 participants , followed by a match day activity . 
  • Training session and information session held at Msida Football Club for refugees living in the nearby localities . 
  • Documentation and article written by participant and refugee re their match day experience . 
  • On-site visits to open centres and other localities to meet directly with refugees at their point of origin .
  • Collaboration with Blue Doors Association , that works with refugees and linguistics : we held 3 sessions so far with participants .
  • Meetings in Gozo with refugees who could be potential participants in the project .
  • Meeting with football clubs individually to explain the modus operandi of the project . 
  • Attending the UEFA Study Group on Football and Refugees in Ireland , to experience first hand similar projects in other European countries and share experiences with other national associations . 
  • Video document of sessions prepared as part of our final documentation .
  • Participation in radio and tv programmes . 


October 2017 – June 2018


  • Football League and Match Day Experiences
  • Stadium Visits
  • Meet and greets with national team members at all levels


June 2018 – September 2018


  • School , Local councils football social responsibility projects
  • Include Me and I Will Understand Football Festivals
  • Continuation of  inclusion projects
  •  with local football clubs


October 2018


  • Domestic Violence Campaign in collaboration with the  Ministry of Equality and Integration .
  • School Read and Play Campaign in a considerable number of schools, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.


November – December 2018


  • National Convention on Healthy Lifestyles and Football
  • Football Inclusion Festival
  • Participation in Community Chest Fund within the President of Malta’s Office.


January 2019 – February 2019


  • Commencement of All In , All for Football Inclusion Project
  • Participation in Greenplay project …based on a green approach and awareness to football matches . This is an ongoing project over 18 months.


April 2019


  • Round table with Ministry of Equality and Integration on LGBTIQ awareness and issues in local football .
  • Everyone’s Game Campaign at all league levels to raise awareness on LGBTIQ issues in football . Players wore rainbow coloured laces and armbands.


May 2019


  • Read and Write festival at the National Stadium with the participation of ex -international players and the Ministry of Education.
  • Sports for All Festival in collaboration with the National Schools of Autism.  This included students participating as player escorts on match day during the FA Trophy Final.
  • Launch of the I Love Football Campaign .

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