Malta Football Association



As a Club and Technical Centre TOGETHER we have one aim which is to be aware and attentive to the needs of the young player, and guide him or her to develop the right skills to fulfil their aspirations.


Our young players are not the same, they have different characters, different growth curves and clearly different abilities. We have an obligation to help every single player and impart lifelong skills and sporting values in a FUN and SAFE environment.


We believe that a qualified and responsible coach understands the importance and the difference of instilling a positive and winning mentality from that of playing only for the result.


Every child has the right to have fun and play – our job is to guide them in the most professional way possible using the right training methodologies.



The revised rules and guidelines are intended to help us achieve the following objectives:


  • To create a culture of ‘Fun and Development over Result’;
  • To simplify and bring uniformity in the game’s rules and regulations;
  • To encourage organised games and festivals for children under 13 years of age;
  • To recognise progressive games for the different age categories and adapt to the different phase of child development.
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