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Supporting inclusion of refugees and vulnerable people
Nov 14, 2018
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'Include Me and I Will Understand’ is the name of a project launched earlier this year by the Malta Football Association with the support of the European Union.

The project, part of the Malta FA’s Football For Life programme, promotes the inclusion of refugees and vulnerable people, using football and football-related activities as a catalyst.


Since the beginning of this year, participants have been taking part in a number of sessions held in conjunction with clubs in different localities.


Local agencies and NGOs, especially LEAP, Appoġġ and AWAS, have been collaborating with the Malta FA to help include potential participants of all ages, abilities and gender.


A number of football clubs in Malta and Gozo are also contributing to this project.


Co-ordinated by Peter Busuttil, from the Malta FA’s Social Responsibility Department, the project involves Maltese nationals as well as non-nationals. In fact, 65 per cent of the participants are non-nationals.


As a result of this project, UEFA are providing additional funds to support the inclusion of refugees in football.


In the recently-published ‘UEFA Football and Refugees Good Practice Collection’, the Malta FA was one of the most represented associations – (Partnering with other actors, engaging refugees in coaching, volunteering, literacy and football, community building strategies for refugees).

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