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Clubs at the centre of Malta FA President's AGM address
Jul 21, 2018
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Malta FA President Norman Darmanin Demajo addressing the AGM. Photo: Domenic Aquilina/MFA
Malta FA President Norman Darmanin Demajo addressing the AGM. Photo: Domenic Aquilina/MFA

Malta FA President Norman Darmanin Demajo has reiterated his readiness and willingness to serve the clubs and Maltese football in a heart-on-sleeve closing speech at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Addressing the on-going questions about his intentions beyond 2019, when his third term at the helm of the Malta FA runs out, Darmanin Demajo appealed to the clubs to give him the guidance and assistance to make the best decision in the interest of the Association.


“There are many factors that need to be considered, and during the coming months I will find the time to sit down with you and your clubs, discuss with you, listen to what you think about this matter and any ideas that you may have,” the Malta FA President said.


“I’m confident that, after I do that, I will be in a better position to know what path to follow.


“For the past eight years, I have supported you all as best as I could – the time has come when I now need your guidance, your support and assistance in helping me take the best decision in the best interest of our Association.”


In the first part of his speech, Darmanin Demajo spoke about the importance of stability and sustainability at club level.


“One of the biggest challenges that world football is facing today, especially at club level, is the lack of stability that exists in the management and administration of the game, in all countries at all levels,” Darmanin Demajo said.


“You practically read about clubs going bust almost every day. I am very pleased to note, however, that based on the information that we have compiled, according to the accounts submitted by the clubs for the year ended December 2017, the absolute majority of the second and third division clubs are now operating on a break-even or profit basis.


“Fifty per cent of the First Division clubs are now also on a break-event situation, while the Premier Division clubs are still mainly operating at a loss.”


Meanwhile, Bjorn Vassallo, Director of Member Associations (Europe) at FIFA and Noel Mooney, Head National Associations’ Business Development at UEFA, represented the two international football bodies at the 2018 MFA AGM.

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