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Integrity talks focus on match-fixing scenarios, repercussions
Mar 23, 2017
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‘Play It Straight’ was the title of a presentation Franz Tabone, the Malta Football Association Integrity Officer, delivered to the candidates of the UEFA Pro Licence coaching course, organised for the first time by the MFA Technical Centre. This intensive course has now reached its final stages and the last informative session, on Wednesday, was dedicated to integrity issues.

In his talk, Tabone highlighted the match-fixing scenarios coaches may come across and stressed that it is their responsibility to keep firm control of their own club’s sporting environment.


The most important and relevant parts of the UEFA and MFA Corruption, Bribery and Betting Regulations were explained to the participants who were reminded that, as coaches, they fall within the same disciplinary category of players and other club officials.


Tabone also spoke about the Criminal Law and the draft bill, which has been drawn up by the Office of the Attorney General, as well as the harsher penalties being proposed which underline the resolve of all the stakeholders that form part of the Anti-Corruption Task Force.


Interesting discussions ensued during the presentation with the MFA Integrity Officer explaining in detail where and when the coaches need to be careful, urging them to be an integral part of the Association’s efforts to tackle match-fixing allegations and episodes which are harming the game.


“Co-operation by all the stakeholders in football is vital if the damage is to be repaired,” Tabone said.


A similar talk was given to the members of the Malta U-21 squad in their dressing room earlier this week.


Tabone reminded the young players of their responsibilitie and, more importantly, of the perils they might face in their developing footballing careers.

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