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Kevin Sammut suspended 10 years
May 30, 2014
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The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) of Lausanne, Switzerland, the highest court of appeal for matters relating to football, has partially upheld the appeal lodged by ex-international football player Kevin Sammut, against the life suspension inflicted on Sammut by the UEFA Appeals Body, for his involvement with notorious Croatian match-fixer Marijo Cvrtak, in fixing the match between Norway and Malta, played on the 2nd June 2007.


In its decision, the CAS arbitrators argued that whilst it has been proven that the match between Norway and Malta was fixed, and that Kevin Sammut took part in the fix, there was not enough evidence to determine the extent of Sammut's involvement in the implementation of the fix. However, the CAS argued that there was enough evidence that confirmed that Sammut was at least an accomplice of Marijo Cvrtak in the organisation of the fix.
Sammut's involvement, according to the CAS judgement, rendered him guilty of infringing Article 5 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, and whilst a life suspension from all football related activity was not proportionate to the act committed by the Sammut, the CAS decided that Sammut had to serve a suspension from all football related activity for a period of ten (10) years, which suspension is to have a worldwide effect.
This judgement is final and no further appeals may be made in any international sporting tribunal.
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