Ta Qali Training Grounds


Ta' Qali Training Grounds

Welcome to the newly renovated Ta' Qali Training Grounds, a beacon of Malta's ongoing commitment to fostering excellence in the world of football. Situated in the heart of Ta’ Qali, these modernised grounds are a product of the collaborative efforts between the Malta Football Association (MFA) and UEFA.

Revolutionized Infrastructure

Dating back to its original development in the 1980s, the training grounds have seen a remarkable transformation, geared towards nurturing talent with top-notch amenities for both players and enthusiasts. The cornerstone of this transformation has been the installation of a new natural turf surface alongside a state-of-the-art automatic irrigation system, propelling the grounds to international standards and creating a hub for football excellence.


The grounds boast four meticulously designed pitches, curated to accommodate a range of training needs and to host pivotal events in the football calendar. Here’s what visitors can expect:

  • Parking Area – A commodious space, ensuring a hassle-free visit with ample parking facilities for visitors.
  • Visitors Area – This area offers visitors a glimpse into the bustling energy and spirit of the training grounds.
  • Restricted and Technical Areas – Exclusive zones for technical teams and players, fostering focused training and strategical discussions.
  • Dressing Rooms – Modern amenities offering a comfortable space for players to prepare and regroup before and after sessions.
  • Automated External Defibrillator – Prioritizing safety with essential medical equipment readily available to handle emergencies efficiently.

Future Prospects

Looking forward, the grounds are set to house the groundbreaking Malta National Football Centre, a symbol of innovation and progress in the world of football. This endeavor will see the development of a Category 1 stadium, slated to be a venue for the high-profile UEFA Under-19 Championship finals in 2023, showcasing Malta's readiness to host prestigious international events and championing the spirit of football on the global stage.


Ta Qali Training Grounds


At the inauguration ceremony, MFA President Bjorn Vassallo expressed his profound gratitude towards UEFA, emphasizing that the vibrant transformation witnessed today stands testament to their unwavering support and collaborative spirit.