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Situated in Ta' Qali, Malta, the Ta' Qali National Stadium is a multifunctional sports hub that stands as Malta's largest stadium, offering a seating capacity of 16,997. This stadium is a renowned destination for football events, serving as the stage for both national team matches and BOV Premier League games.

Steeped in history, the site of the stadium was once a military airfield during World War II. Officially inaugurated on the 14th of December 1980, the area has since transformed into a major leisure destination. Today, the stadium remains the most significant venue in the area, as well as the biggest football ground nationwide.

Beyond its primary function as a football venue, the stadium also houses the headquarters of the Malta Football Association. It plays a pivotal role in Maltese football, hosting an array of domestic and international matches, and witnessing many of Malta's most noteworthy sporting events.


Inception and Expansion

Originally, the main grandstand was located on the west side of the stadium, a structure that still stands today. In 2002, a significant addition was made with a new 5,000-seat east stand. This stand now houses several key facilities, previously located in the west stand: six skyboxes, conference and banquet facilities, and the offices of the Maltese national football federation.

National Stadium History

From its early days, the stadium has served multiple roles. Not only has it been the venue for national team matches, but it also became a home ground for many local football clubs. Notably, it was the first stadium in Malta to provide a natural grass pitch for domestic football. A running track was also part of the original design, but its use has been effectively discontinued, with artificial grass now covering the track.

Pitch Revamping

In 2016, the Malta Football Association launched a €1.5 million project to convert the old grass field to a state-of-the-art hybrid grass surface. The transformation was performed by SIS Pitches, a renowned pitch specialist firm, with financial backing from UEFA and FIFA. The remaining costs were covered by the Malta Football Association.

Significant Matches and Events

Malta vs West Germany (1984)

Malta vs West Germany 1984

One of the most memorable moments at the stadium came on December 16, 1984, when it recorded its highest-ever attendance of 35,102 spectators for the World Cup Qualifier match between Malta and West Germany. This match continues to be a significant milestone in Maltese football history, despite Malta's defeat.

UEFA Youth Tournaments and Euro Finals

The stadium has played host to several UEFA Youth Tournaments, providing a platform for Europe's budding football talents to showcase their skills. The stadium's significance was further underscored when it was selected as the venue for the esteemed UEFA U17 Euro Finals in 2014 and the UEFA U19 Euro Finals in 2023.

BOV Premier League & FA Trophy Finals

As Malta's prime football venue, the National Stadium consistently hosts the climactic BOV Premier League top matches, the pinnacle of the football season in Malta. These matches are a magnet for large crowds and draw substantial media attention.

Ta' Qali National Stadium occupies a crucial place in Maltese football history and culture. From hosting international football fixtures to fostering the development of football in Malta, the stadium serves as an integral component of the nation's sporting landscape.