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The Malta Football National Team Merchandise Shop stands as a beacon for fans, capturing the essence and vibrancy of Maltese football. Every item on our shelves speaks of the legacy, pride, and passion that our national team has embodied over the years. This is more than just a shop – it's a testament to the bond between the team and its loyal supporters, offering a tangible connection to memorable moments on the pitch.


Our Brand

The Malta Football National Team is not just a team; it's a testament to the spirit of Malta. Over the years, our players have showcased their dedication, tenacity, and skill on the pitch, making us all proud. Our brand is a reflection of that hard work, of those unforgettable moments, and of the fans who've been with us every step of the way. Our merchandise is crafted with this ethos in mind, ensuring that every item stands for quality, authenticity, and the spirit of Maltese football.

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For those who wish to feel the quality of our merchandise or try them on before buying, we invite you to our physical store. Located at the heart of Maltese football, our store promises an immersive experience:

Level 2, Millennium Stand,
National Stadium,
Ta' Qali, Malta

Whether you are searching for the latest jersey, classic memorabilia, or unique gifts, our store is a haven for Maltese football enthusiasts.

For opening hours and all shop-related inquiries, please click here.

Every purchase you make is a pledge of support, a show of pride, and a testament to your love for Maltese football. Wear it with pride, display it with honor, and let the world see the heart of Malta beating strong.

Online Shop

For fans spread across the globe or those who value the convenience of online shopping, our digital presence ensures you are never too far from official Malta Football National Team merchandise.

Our online platform is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience, complete with secure payment options and efficient delivery services.


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